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Corvus receives Government funding to strengthen Australia’s manufacturing capability

Melbourne-based Corvus Technology Solutions is pleased to announce it has received the first round of funding under its Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) grant from the Australian Government.

Corvus was the successful recipient last year of a $3 million grant under the MMI, which forms part of the Australian Government’s wider $2.5 billion Modern Manufacturing Strategy.

The funds will be invested to boost Australia’s sovereign capability with the installation of high precision machinery at Corvus’ manufacturing facility in Victoria, Australia.

This will enable Corvus to produce a large number of precision parts and tooling with very high accuracy and consistency for the defence, aerospace, automotive, medical device and electronics industries, among others.

Corvus Operations Manager Ryan Higgins said the funds received under the MMI would not only enhance Australia’s sovereign manufacturing capabilities, but also provide a significant boost to local employment.

“The $3 million awarded under the MMI will help us establish fully integrated, precision manufacturing capabilities at our facility and support the creation of more than 300 local manufacturing jobs over the next five years,” he said.

“It will also enhance our competitiveness to bid on more contracts in the growing defence manufacturing space, both here in Australia and internationally through growing partnerships with leading industry players such as Hanwha Defense Australia.”

Corvus is currently working with Hanwha Defense Australia in a bid to manufacture crucial equipment for the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) next-generation of infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) under the Government’s LAND 400 Phase 3 IFV project.

Hanwha Defense Australia’s Redback IFV is one of two tenders currently under consideration as part of the Australian Department of Defence’s LAND 400 IFV project.  Corvus is also working with Hanwha Defense Australia to pursue other international defence contracts.

“The partnership with Corvus in support of Hanwha Defense Australia in potentially delivering the next generation IFV to the ADF and support for other international campaigns builds on the strong industry links we are developing,” Richard Cho, Hanwha Defense Australia Managing Director said.




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