Corvus Technology Solutions


Corvus Technology Solutions provide end-to-end services
through a fusion of expertise, capabilities, skills,
and technology.

Our Melbourne based facility is positioned to deliver localised manufacturing, precision machining, precision assembly and integration, testing capabilities, project management, with the reach and depth of our extensive Corporate Global Supply Chain.

Unique Problem Solving Capability for Your Organisation

  • We can scale to manufacture, consolidate & deliver fully integrated systems
  • Locally based in Australia
  • Strong history of innovation and new technologies
  • Custom Manufacturing and Automated Solutions
  • Corporate Sovereign capability in motion control systems – hardware & software development

Industries Served:

  • Defence​
  • Medical​
  • OEM​
  • Renewables​​

Industries Networks:

Based in Australia where manufacturing and assembly are maintained.

Five decades of OEM experience, technology, capability and skill.

Corporate Global presence ensures access to offshore capacity and supply chain.


CNC Machine Tools OEM

Motion Control Software & Hardware OEM

Sheet Metal Fabrication & Design Solutions

Manufacture, Assemble & Integrate End-to-End Services

Covid Pandemic – A catalyst for positive change

  • Pivot from OEM > Value Add precision solutions delivery
  • Utilising our Corporate Group available capacity and expertise we joined an Australian Joint venture led by Technology commercialisation company Grey Innovation to manufacture, assemble, and test Emergency Invasive Ventilators
  • Diversification evolved into Corvus Technology Solutions

Pivot Journey – Government & AMGC

  • Global pandemic
  • Non essential manufacturing sites lock down
  • Grey Innovation (GI) secures $31M Federal Gov contract for industry consortium to build 2,000 ventilators in VIC
  • Ventilator program supported by the VIC Gov and AMGC
  • Licensed manufacture of ventilator design
  • Rapid response with scheduled delivery by end of July 2022
  • Consortium capability identification

Pivot Journey – Notus Ventilator

  • >25 Consortium members
  • ANCA CNC Machines factory re-orientation
  • Machining, sub-assemblies and ultrasonic cleaning
  • Supported approx. 15 x local SME supply chain partners for our scope of works
  • A first for ANCA CNC Machines to transfer capability & skills in supporting a localised requirement