Corvus Technology Solutions


Corvus Technology Solutions (CTS) specialises in delivering Defence-focused end-to-end services through five decades of OEM experience, industry expertise, design & manufacturing capabilities, high-technology and strategic partnerships.

Land Systems

Automated Defence Systems

Guided Weapons

Medical Devices

Australian Based Business.

Corporate Group Global Network.

Corvus Technology Solutions’ headquarters is based in Melbourne, Australia, where local manufacturing and assembly are maintained.

In addition to our extensive local network, our Corporate Group’s worldwide presence ensures access to offshore manufacturing and assembly capabilities as well as an extensive and established global supply chain.


We can scale to manufacture, consolidate & deliver fully integrated systems.

Our capabilities include:

  • Localised Manufacturing
  • Assembly, Testing, and Integration
  • Technology Transfer
  • Supply Chain Management

Corporate Supply Chain & Procurement

  • Established supply chain in Europe, USA and Asia.
  • Established procurement and manufacturing base in Taiwan and Thailand.
  • Warehousing infrastructure and logistics located globally.

Project Management

  • Tender and initial proposal management.
  • Specification and project scoping.
  • Complete life cycle management of projects.
  • Quality Processes & Systems

Licensed Manufacturing

  • Corporate Global reach
  • International Transfer of Technology experience
  • Accountable, Transparent, & Secure solutions